Margaret has always leaned towards modern decor and a minimal aesthetic. She has been painting professionally since 2015, focusing on abstract work in acrylic.

Margaret’s first collection, Women of Strength, offers images that represent the courage, nobility and determination of women. The works are unique and convey the life force of the women who inspire us, who push us to be more, to dream bigger and to aim higher.

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With a deepening need to explore textures and movement, she returned to creating abstract works. Her two latest series, Abundance of Hope and Abstract Fragments, include works that feel both joyous and serene, whose colours blend softly then dive deeply into rich vibrant tones, rendered in sweeping movements alongside subtle marks and an array of palettes that flow from saturated to minimalist. Both collections have unlocked for Margaret a freedom to play with colours, marks, shapes and composition—a means of expression beyond textures and a way to embrace the process of growth as an artist.

Margaret is represented in Memphis, TN by the Cutler Crane Gallery, in the Chicago area by the Atkinson Collection and in Montreal by Carré des Artistes. She has exhibited in international shows, in cities across the U.S. including Miami, New York, San Diego, San Francisco and Chicago, as well as in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.