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In case of differences between an official text and information published on the web site, the official text always takes precedence.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights are exclusive rights held by the City of Saint-Lambert on documents that it produces or publishes, whether these documents are administrative or official texts (laws, by-laws, judgements, etc.) produced by city employees, a department, a community organization, a public organization or a third party that has transferred its trade marks and patents to the City.

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Moreover, during the use of these works, in the wider sense, no one may remove the rightful owner's name, change the content - by adding, removing, or otherwise - without prejudicing the moral rights of the owner.

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The City of Saint-Lambert's web site offers links to government sites and to sites run by other organizations or societies. These links are offered as a courtesy and as a possible source of further information. Even though every effort is made to suggest web sites that are well-known and whose integrity is beyond doubt, the City of Saint-Lambert cannot be held responsible for the validity of the information to be found on these sites. These links in no way represent the support, association or adherence of the City of Saint-Lambert to the societies or organizations that publish these sites.

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In the spirit of the World Wide Web, which encourages access to information, the City of Saint-Lambert authorizes links to its web site as long as the contents and the nature of the reference site do not in any way prejudice the City of Saint-Lambert or its residents. Links must be in the form of simple links or external links. The City of Saint-Lambert coat-of-arms may not be used to identify the link without the prior authorization of the City of Saint-Lambert. Please contact the Communications

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Links must avoid any confusion between the host site and the City of Saint-Lambert's web site. Framing (pages or parts of a page within a frame) or the incorporation of objects (photos, images, PDF documents, etc.) for direct downloading are not authorized