Roger Langevin

All of Roger Langevin’s work speaks of the remote part of the country, its history and its modern evolution. This gives him a rare symbolic strength and full contemporary legitimacy.

In this particular work, three teenagers are seated on two benches. Their positions suggest that the artist is seeking to condemn bullying. One of the figures is clearly being judged by one of the other two, under the complicit gaze of the third. By placing the young female victim, alone and isolated, on her own bench, the artist invites the viewers to accompany her symbolically and thus, by their presence, to take a stand against bullying.

Roger Langevin invites anyone who wishes to photograph themselves sitting beside the young girl and to share the picture with others so that the message takes on its full meaning.

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The artist Roger Langevin was born in La Doré in the Lac-Saint-Jean region on January 26, 1940. A graduate of the École des Beaux-Arts de Montréal (1963), he is both a sculptor and an art teacher.

In 2007, he founded an art school with an international vision at the Université du Québec à Rimouski: a place for searching and creating whose main purpose is monumental sculpture and the dissemination of its unusual techniques.

During his career, Mr. Langevin has created numerous works that, today, are found virtually everywhere throughout Quebec, Canada and even the world (Mexico, Ivory Coast, Egypt).


  • rogerlangevin.com/parcours/
  • rogerlangevin.com/lesseulee/

Factsheet of the work

  • Resin
  • 29" W x 59" H x 210" L
  • Year: 2012