Musician (harpsichord and hurdy-gurdy)

Pierre Lavigne performs as both soloist and accompanist. He also delivers lectures on the unusual instruments he plays, such as the harpsichord and hurdy-gurdy. Using these period instruments, the musician helps his audiences discover and rediscover bright and profound pieces, while sharing his passion for the Baroque period – one of the richest in terms of music development – which gave birth to the sonata and concerto, among other forms.

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The harpsichord was the favourite instrument of a number of Baroque composers, who developed extraordinary music for the harpsichord, as well as chamber music. Mr. Lavigne performs pieces by composers such as Bach, Couperin and Scarlatti, but also by others who have sometimes remained in the shadows. The artist takes you on a musical journey full of subtlety yet reflecting a prolific and colourful period.