Michel Dupire - Artist

A well-known professional musician/percussionist much appreciated by the Québec music community for more than 40 years, Michel postponed expressing his passion for visual and contemporary art for a long time. However, things changed in the 2000s, when he began painting.

Self-taught, he instinctively developed over the years a highly personal mixed technique using acrylics, masking tape, spatulas, brushes and markers on canvas. This way of creating has characterized him right from the start.

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His artworks are a blend of impressions and re-impressions sometimes reminiscent of graffiti art or Hard-Edge art. They consistently embody simplicity, movement, rhythm and balance.

Michel has only one rule: that of never totally following his original plan. The message he seeks to convey is simple: create emotions freely and do something good for the soul.

Michel is currently exhibiting at the Musée des beaux-arts de Mont Saint-Hilaire (MBAMSH).

The artist

Michel Dupire, a young boomer, was born in Mont St-Hilaire. From an early age, Michel was immersed in art and culture. He had a brilliant career in music for over 40 years. He is passionate about the art of painting. Self-taught, he was strongly influenced by sculptor Paul Borduas (son of Paul-Emile Borduas). His abstract, simple and uncluttered style is inspired by Hard-Edge. His canvases are instinctive, always in search of balance, rhythm and movement. Michel has only one rule: never follow his original plan.