Michel Cojan (Mihai Ion)


Passionate about photographic imagery all his life, Michel Cojan first trained at the Lycée de Beaux-Arts, then the Institut de Beaux-Arts, in Bucharest, Romania, where he earned a master’s degree in painting and graphic arts, while pursuing his passion for photography. Years later, here in Montreal, Michel also completed a bachelor’s degree in graphic design at UQÀM and photography training at Concordia University.

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His passion has led him to work in and explore various fields of photography, from fashion, portrait and product photography to documentary and editorial photography.

Mr. Cojan considers black-and-white photography as a separate chapter in his work. With a penchant for portraits and street (or scenes from daily life) photography, his sense of observation and composition, combined with his attention to detail and movement and to the absence of colour have become the foundations for creative works in themselves, interpretations of a “fleeting” reality.