Visual arts (drawing, gravure, painting, sculpture)

Living and growing up around a grandfather who was an inveterate innovator in a magnificent corner of nature in the Saguenay region was all it took to awaken Éliane Laberge’s artistic talents. The “artist within her” has flourished throughout her life in both her profession and her creative process. There has never been any dichotomy between the two. On the contrary, they have both drawn from the same sources, serving as a laboratory for experimentation, enrichment and stimulation.

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Like Picasso, the primary model for her process, the artist defies trends, fashions, criticisms, styles and mediums, giving free rein instead to her intuition. A creative process takes hold through multiple gestures, as she scraps, retrieves, blends and shapes, not always in linear or monodisciplinary directions. A journey marked by various themes, projects and materials, all seamless and open reflections of the artist herself.

Éliane’s process is that of everyday life, which come together within themes whose representations she expresses in a myriad of forms: drawing, painting, gravure, sculpture, and writing, to name but a few.

The artwork takes shape, enjoying fortunate coincidences of composition, emanating balance and harmony, and undergoing transformations until at last, she pens her signature. As she says, she has finally come to realize that writing, gravure and painting are her language, her origins and the fabric of her entire life.