Artist-painter specialized in multimedia collages

Chantal Poirier is a Saint-Lambert artist-painter who is also passionate about multimedia collages. After several years working as a fashion designer, Chantal decided to pick up her paint brushes where she had left them a few years earlier after completing her visual art studies at university. And so she returned to her old loves of composing, cutting, tearing, superimposing and gluing in her paintings and multimedia collages.

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The abstractions Chantal creates through her art amuse her viewers and help them recognize signs and identify reference points. The anecdotes she tells in her artwork are vibrant and invigorating, and the images she creates are a form of poetry. When she starts a painting, she has no preconceived notion of the final result nor what direction the work will take. She remains open to all possibilities, all blends and all colours.

This artist draws her inspiration from the many trips she has made across the globe, and from her passion for typography and photography. Her artistic process involves developing a personal language, a particular way of playing with blends of motifs, colours and images, from which emerges a finished work. She describes her artworks as artifacts playing with our reference points, which seem to have come from another era, from another civilization.