Verre 4

Open Air Museum

Pascal Grandmaison

The “Verre” series, which consists of nine portraits, emphasizes the making of the image, the planar surface and the reflection, which takes on symbolic and visible form. The subjects press forward, eyes down, aligning their bodies with the camera’s focal plane; they can see themselves in the glass just as the image of the photographer with his tripod is reflected in the glass back to the viewer. 

Here, the photographer and subject are conjoined yet divided by the transparent surface. Like photography, the glass both reveals and delimits the subject. 


Active since the mid-1990s, Pascal Grandmaison has been involved in scores of artistic projects and held numerous photography and video exhibitions around the world.

His videos have been presented at a number of festivals and biennales, in Italy, Switzerland, England, Germany, Portugal, the United States and Canada. 

Factsheet of the work

  • Digital chromogenic print on Plexiglas, 71 x 71 in., 2004