Un matin dans la cour du Palais

Christine Palmiéri

Created in collaboration with the poet Paul Chamberland, this photograph represents a moment of life in which nothing special appears to be happening, but which, nevertheless, permeates one’s consciousness with a fluid movement of shapes and souls.

The overlays and transparencies of the images evoke those furtive moments that become imprinted on one’s memory and that mysteriously reappear in front of our eyes during emotionally sensitive moments. The general impression is both formal and emotional. It is a representation of the shadows and ghostly shapes that move through the reality that surrounds us.


Christine Palmiéri is an artist, art critic, curator, associate professor at UQAM and director of the digital magazine Archée, which covers the electronic arts. She holds a doctorate in Artistic Studies and Practices.

Visit www.archee.qc.ca.

Factsheet of the work

  • Digital print on aluminum, 52 x 38.74 cm, published in the magazine Relations, no. 779, August 2015