Temps suspendu

Suzanne Vié

For two years, Suzanne Vié photographed and filmed the movement of the clouds. Possessed by these images, which became subjects of contemplation during the day and objects of dreams at night, she began to paint skies: some vast and open onto the horizon, others, broody and close.

The canvas Temps suspendu represents a quiet moment, a pause in which to reflect on the beauty of life. Strongly influenced by this painting, she wrote a poem to accompany it: Entends le galop des nuages Souffle humain scandé d’expires Chant, murmure, fable ou adage Vibrante harmonie de mes dires [Hear the galloping of the clouds Human breath, exhales heard Song, murmur, fable or adage Vibrant harmony of my word].


Following her studies in Industrial Design at Université de Montréal, Suzanne Vié completed a training program in textile at ENSCI - Les Ateliers de Paris. Over the years, she has trained in painting, sculpture and writing in both Quebec and France.

Factsheet of the work

  • Acrylic on canvas, 114 x 91 cm, 2015