Rivière au saumon

Normand Rajotte

For several years now, Normand Rajotte has been exploring an area of a few square kilometres around the foot of Mont Mégantic. Little by little, image after image, Rajotte has taken root in these several hectares of woods, to the point of merging with them. Observing the growth of vegetation or traces of animal activity, he photographs the perpetual transformation of “his” forest.

On the bank of the Rivière au Saumon, a school of tiny minnows was swimming along the edge of the water. He plunged his hand into the water to see what would happen. The ensuing interaction conveys a feeling of intimacy with the elements.


Normand Rajotte began his career in the wake of groups of Quebec photographers who were updating the documentary aesthetic. In the early 1980s, he adopted a more introspective approach, focusing on self-awareness and a closer relationship with nature. Since 1997, his only territory of investigation has been a forested plot of land at the foot of Mont Mégantic. He revisits and explores this region on a continuing basi

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Factsheet of the work

  • From the series Like a whisper, 2005