Guy Lavigueur

The focus of Guy Lavigueur’s artistic investigation is the transformed landscape, the insidious action of erosion and the disruption caused by human intervention. He juxtaposes these with rare, unspoiled landscapes.

In 2015, as part of a Canadian Forces art program, Guy Lavigueur took to the skies to explore the Canadian North. He consciously seeks out shapes and structures that are analogies of humans or animals. Having tamed his vertigo a long time ago, he now captures landscapes in aerial photographs directly above the ground as they fly by quickly.

On one of his flights, he suddenly saw a man with his back to him, his immense arms embracing a lake. Others might see a bear!


Admitted to the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 2004, Guy Lavigueur has exhibited his work in Ontario, Quebec and France.

Several of his pieces were recently included in the prestigious Auer Photo Foundation for Photography (Switzerland) and the Charleroi Museum of Photography (Belgium).

Factsheet of the work

  • Northwest Territories, Canada, 5 original copies, 160 x 100 cm, August 2015