La route du prospecteur

Chloé Beaulac

This is the second work by Chloé Beaulac to be included in the Open Air Museum’s collection, but this time she is representing the Emerging Artist category.

In this research and creation project, she wanted to express a certain facet of the human experience and its encounter with grandiose nature. La route du prospecteur is the result of this reflection and of her exhaustive research into the majestic locations that exist in Quebec.

She thus creates a mise en abîme, or images within images, of the prospector, using photographs taken in such places, which document the experience and vestiges of human labour. Her intention is to create a work that demonstrates deep respect for nature and is a tribute to the efforts and know-how of our ancestors. She wanted to underscore the sublime aspect of the explored mine and establish a dialogue between humans and nature.

Finally, the figure that is represented allows a viewer to project him or herself in the role of explorer and to experience the route from the prospector’s perspective.


Multidisciplinary artist Chloé Beaulac creates works that fall under the themes of traveling, know-how, ritual and transformation. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, specializing in printed art, from Concordia University.

Factsheet of the work

  • Digital work, 10 x 24 in., 2017