Ars memoriæ

Chloé Beaulac

This winter, the City of Saint-Lambert and Chloé Beaulac worked together on a cultural mediation project on the theme of Lignes de jeux. Inspired by their living environment, passions and daily lives, more than 400 elementary school students were invited to give some thought to the theme and create a unique work. They came up with two murals, Pixels pop and Lignes de jeux, in the form of a contemporary quilt.

For her part, Chloé Beaulac drew inspiration from the students’ creations for her work Ars Memoriæ. Anchored in her own artistic approach, she deconstructed the essence of her experience with the participants to offer them a visual tribute. Their thoughtful work inspired the artist to create a game of her own. Through this enigmatic work, she creates a path into which spectators are invited to project themselves.


These works are presented with the participation of the Rabeau, Saints-Anges and Saint-Lambert Elementary schools.

Factsheet of the work

  • Digital work, 40 x 26.6 in., 2018