Angle de balcon - Série « La Maison »

Serge Lemoyne

An important component of Serge Lemoyne’s artistic approach is related to his home in Acton Vale where, although the building itself no longer exists, a public square has been created in his honour. For many years, Lemoyne used the house itself as a work surface for his unbounded creativity.

Through direct artistic intervention on his home, as well as by employing some of its motifs (stairs, doors, railings, and so on) in works on more traditional surfaces such as canvas or wood, the artist asserted there was no justification for a boundary between life and art.


At once an instigator of “happenings”; an activist and social agitator; an electronic, visual and sonic media artist; but, above all, an indefatigable painter, Serge Lemoyne was probably the boldest of Québec’s postmodern artists. His works can be found in the most prestigious collections of contemporary Quebec and Canadian art and the leading museums in the country.


This work is presented in collaboration with Galerie Simon Blais.

Factsheet of the work

  • Acrylic on canvas, 26.5 x 32 in., 1982
  • © Succession Serge Lemoyne / SOCAN (2018)