The Rentrée culturelle

Major events

Saint-Lambert’s annual flagship cultural event

The Rentrée culturelle was created to become an annual flagship event that would foster cultural outreach and influence in Saint-Lambert. Its aim is to give culture greater visibility and to place greater value on cultural activities in the community. 

The result of a collaborative effort by a number of cultural organizations, the Rentrée culturelle features the full range of cultural services. First, it offers a weekend of activities that include concerts, talks, exhibits and much more. 

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It thus provides a perfect opportunity for making enriching cultural discoveries, but also for celebrating the cultural wealth of our community together. In addition, it includes other actions (such as producing a publication) that showcase the vibrancy of our cultural offerings all year round.

The Rentrée was held for the first time in 2017 in a very special context: the inauguration of our newly renovated and upgraded library. What could be more fitting, as the library is our city’s most important cultural service, and we are thrilled with its new look!