Abstract artist

Yvette Grishina was born in Estonia to Ukrainian parents. She then lived in the Netherlands before immigrating to Montreal at age 5. Her parents came here as refugees after the fall of the USSR to offer her a better life. They affectionately call her Yvetka, as it is a softer way of saying her name in Ukrainian. Ms. Grishina speaks five languages, including Ukrainian, Russian, French, English and Spanish. She also loves travelling, discovering food, physical fitness, nature and dance.

In terms of art, Ms. Grishina specializes in creating works with resin. She uses wooden panels and covers them with resin/epoxy, creating her own motifs and designs and using no images or print photos. She therefore considers herself a professional artist. She accepts all custom orders and is always striving to rise to new challenges!

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To create, the artist draws inspiration from a variety of themes such as truth, thought, nature, language, values, principles and existence. However, the main subject of her art remains philosophy. Ms. Grishina describes her style as abstract, as she loves letting others see what they will in her creations.

In conclusion, Yvette Grishina’s preference in practicing her art is sharing with people. After many creative steps, talking about a completed artwork and learning about different perspectives inspires her greatly.