Painting and drawing

Sylvie Marie Heroux is an up-and-coming visual artist. About five years ago, she discovered urban sketching and its community. Her practice spans a variety of visual arts disciplines (drawing, watercolor and acrylic painting) as well as book making (bookbinding and handmade artist notebooks). But the main focus of her art is urban sketching, capturing street scenes, lifestyles and the built environment—with a preference for older buildings—in a style that is both realistic and naive.

Sylvie Marie Heroux doesn’t possess a fine arts background, but her training in social sciences, literature and languages has proved to complement the documentary approach used in urban sketching. She broadens her artistic expertise through self-taught exploration, in-person workshops with Quebec artists and online classes with international artists.

Through her art, Sylvie Marie seeks to convey the message that observing everyday life gives us a new perspective on the things around us. One doesn’t need to seek out the beautiful and the sublime to make art. The artist says jokingly that “you can draw garbage and create something that’s visually interesting.”