Steven Scott Fyfe loves life, and within him lies a feeling of immense musicality. He brings colour, effervescence and excitement to art lovers, phantasmagoric horizons that immerse us in nature and all-absorbing freedom.

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The artist’s joys, fantasies and enthusiasm are contagious in his art. His unique approach to painting, or (should we say) way of representing it, impels us to explore, rediscover and appreciate it even more, benefitting as we do from his style.

If you have an urge to bask in nature or explore surrealism, then it’s time to discover the techniques, emotions and talents of Steven Scott Fyfe. Through his artwork, we come to discover his many visions with the greatest of pleasure.

A kaleidoscopic ballet of light, colour and movement opens up imaginary perspectives brimming with life. Lives in the form of urban, pastoral, submarine, nocturnal, telescopic and countless other types of landscapes, which, through the artist’s skill, conjure up phantasmagoric universes where every parcel of this world is transformed into a true homage to beauty.

A realm of multidimensional effervescence, such is the world of Steven Scott Fyfe’s creative spirit.

A carnival-like adventure where pleasure, celebration and fantasy combine in infinite ways, such as commemorative dances featuring fireworks and carnival melodies.

An explorer of our times who wholeheartedly embraces our environment and returns it to us in great detail and multiple dimensions, through his highly communicative passion and emotion!