Photographer, painter and sculptor

Nancy Landreville is a multidisciplinary Québec artist with a diploma in glass art techniques from Espace VERRE and a degree in communication from Université du Québec à Montréal. She also studied semiotics at the University of Bologna in Italy, and is a photographer, painter and sculptor.

A Saint-Lambert resident for over 30 years, Ms. Landreville grew up in Yamachiche in a world worthy of Disney, surrounded by animals. Inspired by nature, it is this strange nature-culture relationship that sparks her creativity.

She discovered conventional black and white photography during her teens and was completely enthralled. She set up a darkroom at home and thus began her exploratory work with light. She then took up oil painting by studying the works of the great masters. Acrylic painting was then followed by a dynamic exploration of shape and colour. Without light, there is no representation, and the use of light thus became a connecting thread that led her to explore glass, that material with such fascinating characteristics.

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Ms. Landreville has worked as an artist’s assistant while doing photography as a photojournalist for regional weeklies. Nancy is very curious and has an insatiable appetite for learning, for apart from painting and sculpture, she has also explored printmaking and jewellery techniques. With her thirst for technology, she also practices 3D digital sculpture.


Nancy Landreville loves the process of transformation, decomposition and recomposition, which enables her to create a pictorial and narrative universe that gives meaning to disorder, while also shaking up the established order of things.

Her artistic process is a journey that explores the possibilities of material by means of glass, for its transparency and different dimensions; by acrylic, for its infinite range of colours; and by photography, which is nothing other than light.