Multidisciplinary visual art creator

Matthieu Thoer is a multidisciplinary creator specialized in immersive experiences, an increasingly popular art in recent decades thanks to the continual emergence of advanced technologies. During more than ten years working at various festivals, he caught the “bug” of this unique way of creating totally distinct worlds through a variety of immersive installations involving videos, set construction and much more.

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This emerging artist, who has been practising his art for eight years, underwent a profound personal change in 2011, when he left to work and travel around the world. During his journey, he worked as a consultant for companies in the event, innovation and new technology fields. This highly enriching experience was marked by achievements that transformed his perception and understanding of the world, art, and his role in society.

Through Mathieu’s many artistic projects, he seeks to offer his public fun moments that spark dreams and hopes, but also reflection on the realities of our future. His creations tell the tale of a journey rich with colour, illusions and emotions. A series of generative animation creations that explore fantastical landscapes of mysterious planets and ever-changing textures.