Visual art

Marianne Shaker expresses herself through pastel, acrylic, oil and mixed media. Her artistic research is born from the universal question of origins and multiple cultural identities. Her work is inspired by the passage of time, timelessness, crossings and the interconnection of cultures through travel and displacement. Ephemeral flavours, colours and smells are no more than a memory or engraved forever. It is to tell part of history and to weave the links between the past, the present and the future.

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She draws her inspiration as much from the beauty of nature and majestic rivers as from the joy of the colours of the villages. Marianne holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (with a major in Studio Art) from Concordia University, as well as a Diploma in Art Education from McGill University. The artist has exhibited her work solo and in more than thirty group exhibitions. By focusing on the creative process, she transmits her passion for art to young people who naturally have a strong desire to express themselves.