Always seeking beauty, extravagant esthetics and authentic creation, Laure Durivage’s artworks explode into multi-coloured canvases. As a child who was drawn to pop culture and actively discovering her talents, Laure took pleasure in drawing cartoons and bold, colourful young girls.

Beginning in her early teens, she tried her hand at photography ̶ first with a simple disposable camera ̶ before moving on to studies in contrasts and snowy textures drawn from the nature around her. The local cemetery in front of her house gave her the opportunity to explore life, death, the human body and mystery with her pencils.

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Her talents have taken her in several directions over the years: by learning cartooning techniques, she refined the precision of her pencil strokes, opening the door to a series of graphic works somewhere between street art, sketches and Cubism.

A foray into art history led her to examine more classical art and discover her greatest inspiration: Tamara de Lempicka. However, it was through make-up art that she made her living for several years. During this period, she explored a variety of techniques, materials and media, while merging the fundamental elements of her artistic discourse: contrasting colours and textures, the esthetic rendering of the human body and a search for genuine authenticity in the world of Beauty.