Artist-painter (Contemporary)

Born in Alma in the Lac-Saint-Jean region in 1960, Gervais Deschênes studied art at CEGEP and university, earning a master’s degree in visual arts.

In 2020, after a series of exhibitions, he joined the Fly Studio team as artistic director and partner. He has since distinguished himself in a number of international projects with his expertise in visual arts, video projection, directing photography, and 3D animation. Throughout his years of involvement in digital creation, he has also continued his pursuit of personal development as a painter.

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His work is inspired by painters and abstract expressionists of modernity. With an awareness of history, he likes to create instinctively in the legacy of modern painters. But capturing in time the meanderings of the unconscious on a complex surface requires simplification, thus allowing the artwork to reveal itself both intimately and spontaneously. Blending the expressiveness of instinctive and dreamlike gestures into a complex yet minimal composition is the essence of his creative process.