Dominique Lebeau alias domlebo


domlebo, or Dominique Lebeau as he is known in civilian life, describes himself as an “inventor of songs,” songs that are comforting, enlightened, and at times even militant! His favourite topics are the environment, community, inclusiveness and collaboration.

This former drummer for Les Cowboys Fringants has already released four albums since leaving the band. The most recent, Ensemble (2019), took the form of a disc-book combo featuring 11 songs and an 80-page essay.

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On stage, Domlebo’s songs are more of the classic genre, along the lines of Leclerc or Lévesque. They include anecdotes, confidences and crystal-clear thoughts, all emanating contagious warmth and energy. The sound has a very acoustic “folk” feel, with a hint of “Americanness” and borrowings from both country and jazz.

Engaged and committed, Dominique is primarily involved with the major environmental issues, and with promoting peace and fighting social inequalities. He also sits on the boards of directors of several organizations in the music community (Artisti, Spacq, RAM).

The artist has worked, lived and hung his shingle in Saint-Lambert for some 15 years now.