Under his artist’s name Koliger, Claude Léger creates “drawings/calligraphies” (as he himself calls them) in a highly personalized style. His interpretation through colours and gesture (QI energy) represents Chinese ideograms that he has worked with for many years and that are imbued with a particular strength and flow. The artist also illustrates characters known as hiragana that are components of a specific Japanese writing system.

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The drawings/calligraphies he creates derive mainly from philosophical thought, Chinese medicine and Japanese writing (hiragana). For the artist, it is above all the immediate and direct sensation that matters, the call to an artwork rather than another one that underlies the exchange between the work and the observer; the vibration and frequency that connect you. Then comes the symbolism of the ideograms.

In addition to painting, Mr. Léger also teaches QI GONG and TAI CHI.