Artist/musician specialized in education

Originally from northwestern France, Adeline Chrétien developed a keen interest in music at a very young age. While she has added many other skills to her skill set since then, her true passion for music has never left her. Self-taught and a jill-of-all-trades, this musician with a specialty in teaching expanded her practice to include the performing arts, and today she wears several hats.

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Whether it’s music, dance or literature, a liberating and calming feeling instantly envelopes her when she touches on an artistic field. The main focus of her educational approach is musical awareness for the purpose of awakening the senses and recognition that one lives an experience through music. She has been working in music education with children for some 20 years, and offers outreach activities and creative services at various cultural and educational institutions. It was mostly in educational establishments that she was able to develop her creativity by participating in various music education research activities. Through this enriching experience in schools, she had the opportunity to, among other things, study the benefits of artistic practices related to learning and to design interdisciplinary projects as an “artistic mediator.”

In this context, Ms. Chrétien has also put together a number of shows, either on her own or in collaboration with other artists, in which she was often responsible for the staging, scripts, and sometimes music. An idealist, she is particularly fond of symbols and loves to play with the boundaries of the imaginary (the representation of thoughts) and the real (history) in her plays.